Quick and Easy DVD Creation
With a familiar interface, hawkeye makes it easy to start creating your custom DVD mixes with very little knowledge.
All in one DVD and video mixing
What used to take multiple applications and processes can now be done all with hawkeye alone. Save your valuable time by letting hawkeye take care of all the confusing steps in dvd backup and conversion for you.
The ripping, mixing and burning you do with your favorite tunes can now be done with your favorite DVD shows and movies. Put all of your favorite episodes from different seasons onto 1 disc. Mix and match scenes and episodes onto your best of disc.
Create your own custom menu with the background image of your choice. Choose only the languages you want. Save space by requantizing the video with minimal quality loss.
File Support
DVD ready files can be imported and burned for you, even requantize them. Non DVD ready files can be converted with a click of a button.
Video Conversion
Convert DVD's and videos for iPod, PSP, SVCD, Final Cut Pro (DV), and many cellular phones capable of video playback. Support for many files like WMV (most formats), AVI, MPG, MP4, and even EyeTV files.